Do You Need A Humidifier During The Winter?

Winter is a season of cold; it is characterized by excessive drop in the atmospheric temperature, abundance of snow, freezing temperature and dry air. The northern hemisphere experience winter in the months of December, January and February while the southern hemisphere experiences theirs during June, July and August.

Winter occur in polar and temperate climates and never in tropical climates. It falls after autumn and before spring each year and occurs when the particular hemisphere of the earth turns away from the direct rays of the sun.

Do You Need A Humidifier During The Winter?

Characteristic Of Winter Periods

  1. It is the coldest season of the year
  2. It has longer nights and shorter days
  3. Cold rain, sleet and hails are common during this period
  4. Ice and snow fall are major phenomenon during this season.
  5. Because of the freezing temperature, trees and plants stop growing while birds and some animals migrate to other places not experiencing winter.
  6. Health wise, there is a high risk of catching a flu or cold. There is also a high level of heat loss from the body causing individuals to wear warmer clothing and heat up homes and offices.
  7. Though the weather is cold, the air becomes dry leading to bleeding nose, dry skin, chapped lips, and other irritating cold-weather conditions.

So, is the use of humidifiers advisable during winter? To answer that question, it is important we first understand what humidifiers are.

Definition Of Humidifier

A Humidifier is an electrical appliance that increases atmospheric moisture in a room or an entire building. Simply put, they humidify the atmosphere.

Humidifier come in various sizes, shapes and model. We have portable stand-alone unit that humidifies a single space like bedrooms, living rooms and offices; and larger units that can be integrated into the HVAC system of the house in other to provide humidity for the whole house simultaneously.

While the warm mist humidifier produces mist that are preheated and hot to the feel, the cool mist humidifier utilize a fan to disperse cool mist into the surrounding environment. However, some brands of humidifier usually have both functions for you to choose from.

Why Do You Need A Humidifier During Winter?

During winter, as the air outside gets colder, the air inside becomes both cold and dry. Your body loses water fast and body heat production is much slower. This situation should prompt you to quickly get an artificial means of adding moisture to the environment; which is the humidifier.

While some people may doubt the rationale of adding more moisture to an already cold air, the reality of it is that the reverse is the case. Winter period equals dry air and a humidifier is much needed for health and comfort reasons. Besides, the warm mist humidifier would add both warmth and moisture to the air.

Benefits Of Humidifier In Winter Periods

  • Helps prevent or alleviate cold weather conditions like cold, catarrh,
  • It helps prevent the spread and functionality of airborne disease.
  • It helps to prevent dry skin, chapped lips and eye irritation
  • Humidifier helps you feel warmer during this dry period because your body retains moisture and conserve heat
  • Allergies and reactions is minimized with the use of humidifier in the home
  • Static electricity shocks in dry surface areas like cloths, wood and paper can be prevented with the use of a humidifier.
  • Also, cracks and peeling of wooden furniture in homes and offices is on the increase during winter months because of dry air, but using a humidifier helps you preserve your furniture.


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